“It’s A Trap!” (The Adventures of Fin & Louie)

Happy Friday!


Heya heres the newest panel in The Adventures of Fin & Louie.  Try to ignore the writing around the comic.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m back on the road so I’m back down to one notebook for literally everything.

I’m not sure if this interests anyone but sometimes I wonder how much real artists rely on visual references or how closely they follow those references (if they use them).  Anyway here’s my visual reference for this panel.

dark castle hallway

Now before you stomp all over my face and say “YOUR VERSION LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL YOU FUCKING FAKER” keep in mind that I’m not going for photo-copy replication.  I personally just need visual references for scale/perspective, some texture/pattern ideas, and everything else I just make it up as I go.

Stay tuned, there’s only a couple more panels left in the “Count Rubber’s Keep” arc.  I will, someday, re arrange the website so that all the comics are in one place and in chronological order.  It’ll probably be close to the end of this story arc.

Also I don’t know if you’ve seen but I’ve begun a video log of my life as a western bound nomad.  I’m flying out to San Diego Sunday and today my friend from Thailand offered me a place to stay, so I have a new goal to get out to Thailand by September for my 30th birthday.  Who knows, this might be the beginning of my “around the world in who-cares-number-of-days” adventure.  Besides, I do have a lot of friends to visit in Europe and Thailand is one step closer back to Europe.  I’m pretty deeply optimistic and excited about this whole situation.  Thank you to Elaina who inspired me to leave the country in the first place, thank you to Rico for bringing me back to St Louis, thank you to Morgan for inspiration and motivation, thank you Marc for kicking my ass over writing, but most of all thank you Evan for being my rock, god knows I probably would have given up or went back to being a drowning work from home deep sea diver if it wasn’t for you.

Anyway come watch some of my video logs, they’re getting better.  Here’s the newest one.

Anyway stay tuned! The next time I post maybe from San Diego.  Wish me luck!



Video Log #4: “Is there a dog?” “Yea maybe”

Happy Tuesday!

So I’ve run across a spell of good luck since yesterday morning.  I found a place to stay  until I leave and this place happens to belong to an editor for a publishing house (ie she let me go on about my novel for ages and had some interesting input) AND she makes a mean Manhattan(1).

I met my host at my favourite dive bar, The Heavy Anchor(2), which had a clothing swap a few weeks ago and Jodi (one of the owners of The  Anchor) offered me to look through the left over clothes which ended up being a real blessing because I got to upgrade some of my rags and obtain some much needed accessories such as a scarf, blanket, and sleeping pants (women’s sleeping pants but they’re warm and comfortable none the less).

Overall morale boosted from 4.5/10 to 8/10.

Watch the full video log here:

I finished Notes of a Dirty Old Man yesterday and plan to write something about it this week.  Now that I have a quite place to work, I may even get some drawing done too.  Interview transcript with Osiris Green from Wreck the System will come next.



  1. My favourite cocktail which consists of 2 parts whiskey, 1 part sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters, a maraschino cherry, and orange zest. I have no idea what recipe she used, but it was very fine.

  2. The Heavy Anchor is a south city bar in st louis. If you’re ever in the area, stop in and say “hi”  to Jodi or Josh for me.

Video Log #2: TIL you shouldn’t try to buy a plane ticket with a prepaid card and other stuff

Happy Sunday!

Heya so it’s Sunday and the last day of Game Jam at the local University which also means the last day I have a place to sleep and stuff to eat, which is the bad news BUT the good news is that I have my plane ticket sorted out now, thanks the best brother from another mother I could have Evan.  And even more good news is I’m leaving 4th February rather than 6th February which works well since my bus pass expires 2nd February.

Anyway I posted my second Video Log today which you can find here:


On a side note, I watched this wisecrack video on a few of my favouirte things:  Bojack Horseman, Rick & Morty, and Nihilism last night.  Link to the video here:

It’s an interesting view, the view from the cliff edge looking into the dizzying abyss.  It helps me sleep knowing that no matter what we do, what sort of constructs we subscribe to, or any sort of meaning we try to assign to anything that nothing can change the fact that no one exists on purpose, humanity can’t stop the eventual heat death of the universe, and that each individual is essentially alone in consciousness.

When one stops trying to assign meaning to life events it really frees up a lot of processing power for other projects and thought exercises, such as writing and other artistic endeavours.  “Sure the universe provides, it provides a space for us to exist for and some strange things to look at until we die.  The ability to recogonise this doesn’t make you special, it just makes you a high functioning sentient being.”

I plan to post more content this week, seeing how much free time I have now.  I think I will be able to post the next panel in “The Adventures of Fin & Louie” and I hope to have time/ability to write something about “Notes of a Dirty Old Man” which is a collection of  the pieces Charles Bukowski wrote for the small news paper Open City.  Bukowski, talk about a fucking Nihilist, cheesis fucking cheddar.  However his writings do fit this week’s theme though.

Anyway will post again soon.  Check out my youtube channel, link here: Fin Louie Channel to keep updated, and I refuse to say some stupid shit about smashing or up thumbs unless it has something to do with sex.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting a New Series on YouTube

Happy Saturday!

Heya folks, my life has always been somewhat interesting but things have gotten rather intense recently leaving me in a situation without a house (I struggle with the concept of “home” but I do know it’s not as simple as “the place where you have a roof over your head” however that’s what I’m currently with out, ie I’m “house-less” but as I am facing the very likely possibility that I’ll be sleeping rough in my own home town this next week, I feel like I am quickly approaching “home-less” as well).  This will very much affect my ability to post with any regularity, as if it wasn’t already spotty since I got back from the UK…

Anyway, I am starting a video log series on youtube which I have yet to come up with a good title for where I will be posting a 5-10 minute long video as often as I can talking about what I’m working on, where I am, what I’m reading, and whatever else I feel like talking about.

I’m including a link to my youtube channel here: Fin’s YouTube Channel

I hope to capture and share this deeply nihilistic humorous vein that runs through my life and in sharing this darkness with you, I hope it brightens your day.

Remember folks, enjoy what you have whilst you can, take nothing for granted.

Stay tuned, I will be posting a transcript of my interview with Osiris Green from Wreck the System soon. I will also be posting the full interview to my YouTube channel as well.


Blank on Blank: Animated Interviews

Happy Thursday!

Google Imaged “Identity Cartoon” (source: Christian Topan)

A few weeks ago I did a write up for a cartoonist I found on instagram, Talon’s Treehouse, and I got in touch with Talon and told him how funny I thought his stuff was and we got to talking and which lead to me asking if he wouldn’t mind doing an official interview with me for OBOP and not only did he agree, but he proposed a totally tublar idea: he was gonna animate reading off and answering the questions I sent him.  No commitment but we might be ready next Thursday.  Here’s the teaser trailer:

This idea was really cool and reminded me of another channel on youtube called “blank on blank”.  Their youtube description reads,

Vintage interview tapes. New animations. We transform journalists’ unheard interviews with cultural icons. The future of journalism is remixing the past.”  (source: “blank on blank” about page, youtube)


I really like the last sentence “The future of journalism is remixing the past.” I think that’s really inspiring, in the way that there were always be an audience for good content even if it is old or lost or once rejected.  Then remixing re-introduces cultural icons to a young generation and probably reaching new audiences by turning interviews into animations unique to each personality.   

Blank on blank is a PBS Digital Center productions and celebrated their 6th year on youtube and have almost 100 videos of stars from all over the spectrum with playlists organizing their videos into writers, actors, musicians, plus a bunch of other categories.

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Animation and Mathematics (ft Simpsons and Numberphile)

Happy Thursday!

Source: Spiked Math 336

This week at the cinema I want to present a few videos on the relationship between animation and mathematics.  

Here is a link to the three Video Essays we’re presenting tonight:

Math and Animation (youtube playlist):

Homer vs Pierre de Fermont – Numberphile

Pi and Four Fingers – Numberphile


I think one thing  that harmonises with me the most is this idea that theoretical mathematics gives us suggestions to our reality but on paper there’s a certain finality which can get lost in application. Animation allows us to create a reality where we can provide all the answers we please and because of the nature of animation, living on paper, it has a similar finality as theoretical mathematics.  This exploration of our space via mathematical logic we gain a way we can enrichen the worlds we animate.

Animation also allows for a precision of realisation or a control in how the final product will work from the environment to the characters which leaves nothing to chance.  This is the closest some of us have to shaping reality, animation and creation.  I think this is one reason why I like numbers.    

Here’s a link to the story mentioned in the first video “The Devil and Simon Flagg” by Arthur Porges.  

Talon’s Treehouse (youtube, animation)


Happy Thursday!

I’ve mentioned before my love for adult cartoons, specifically lately Rick and Morty, and I’m looking forward to catching up on Bojack Horseman season 3 hopefully this summer, and last night I was looking at a cartoonist I’m following on instagram called Talon’s Treehouse and learned he has a youtube channel.

a son
This might be one of my top favourite comics by Talon.

Talon’s humour in his youtube shorts range from the hyper obscure, to the strangely brilliant.

What’s a “musaphile”?
the big speech
The ending is 100% perfect.







However, what I found most interesting on his channel was his “Digital Chapbook,”

The first chapbooks appeared in 16th century Europe and were notable for 2 main reasons: they were cheap to produce, thus they were cheap to buy. Originally, chapbooks were constructed out of low-grade paper and often illustrated with wood-cuts that had nothing at all to do with the text. They were marketed by traveling chapmen (merchants of trinkets & odds ‘n ends), sold to the working class and spread little ballads and short tales of comedy, tragedy, romance and adventure far and wide. They were, quite literally, the first pulp fictions.

Chapbooks mostly faded away once newspapers arrived and only retain a sparkle of life thanks to poets, who sometimes test their work in small amounts before reproducing them for wider audiences. Occasionally those who explore bookmaking as a hobby create their own chapbooks. Overall, however, chapbooks are by and large a relic of the past. Maybe…

My name is Talon and I write and illustrate the little stories that fall out of my head. As a kid, I fell in love with old radio shows, comics and Read-Along Books. This Dapper Rook Digital Chapbook is my way of blending all those elements together and creating something that really has just one purpose–the same purpose the original chapbooks had way back when–nothing, but to amuse.

So sit for a minute. I’ve drawn you some pictures to look at as I tell you a story that you’ve never heard before…

-In description for “A Dapper Rook Chapbook” series (link to playlist here)

The stories Talon tells in his chapbook are all very short (1 or less minute each) and so very strange.  Sometimes they’re violent, like Old Lady Head, some are nostalgic, like Smolders of the Masquerade, but they’re all surprising and strange leaving one satisfied, despite his style borrowing the convention of unsettling endings from dirty realism more often than not.  The effect that is left on me is a certain wanting for more, not just more because it’s strange (nor because you can easily binge watch all his videos in under half

I think the Old Lady Head kinda looks like Carrie Nation.  It would be suiting, I think.

hour) but also because I’m particularly interested to see the evolution of Talon as an animator. His growth in skill and scope is apparent but I’m also interested to see where the Digital Chapbook idea goes and how it will effect the future of digital story telling.



This idea of the Digital Chapbook reminds me of an app I have been looking into called “Hooked” which is an experimental medium for fictional storytelling in the form of text messages.  I downloaded the app and will be writing about it on an upcoming Mystery Monday.

Anyway I love experimental fiction in all its different forms.  If you have an experimental fiction story to recommend, feel free to leave a comment below.

Accursed Farms (entertainment)

Happy Thrusday!

So I’ve thought about this column a lot since last Thursday when I posted the first of its kind.  I’m not promising that it will be a weekly feature because of time but even before getting on spring holiday, I have noticed I have a bit of free time.  I keep busy with plenty of personal projects(1), university work, trying to find ways to make money from writing, and I recently bought a harmonica because I used to play music when I was a kid(2) and I wanted to reconnect with that part of my brain.  However I feel like it’s not enough.  Sometimes I worry about getting addicted to work(3) but then I have days where I lay in bed for 20 hours straight and my fears are alleviated (sorta).

Anyway one reason I started a blog was because I feel like I have excellent tastes and I wanted to share the things I spend time consuming.  Also I feel like writing about the things I consume helps me “justify” consuming these things(4).  Either way let me share with you a few of the more interesting things I’ve watched lately.

Today I’m featuring my number one favourite youtube personality and channel, Ross of Accursed Farms.  Ross has three shows on his channel: Ross’s Game Dungeon, Freeman’s Mind, and Civic Protection.


I spend a lot of time watching Ross’s Game Dungeon.  It’s one of those shows that’s funny and strange and one of my go-to to watch as I fall asleep.  This one is one of his shorter videos, for ease of approachability.  I haven’t played video games consistently in ages, over a decade, but Ross has a personality and voice that I find so entertaining that it kinda doesn’t matter what the video is about because I’ll probably watch it.


Freeman’s Mind is a series made from the Half-life game following the main character, Gordan Freeman, who is grappling with the cosmic absurdity of his existence and it’s pretty fucking funny.  Season 2 episode 1 just dropped earlier this week and it’s good.  Go. Seriously this is one time when I’m saying “It’s totally okay to leave my site if it’s to go watch Freeman’s Mind.”


I have to be honest: Civil Protection took a while to grow on me but it’s a show that 100% gets better as it goes on.  Some of my favourite jokes come from this show.

Ross has other videos, my favourites are Ross’s Rants (specifically the one on Robot Jobs) and apparently I’m a minority in his fan base but I liked Moon Gaming.

I don’t know if you’re reading this Ross, but if so you’re one of the creators I really look up to.  You do pretty different things than I do but you’re success is an inspiration to me and you’ve provided me with countless hours of entertainment.  Keep up the great work, man.



  1. I have made exciting developments with “Band of Misprints” (book one in “The Big River Chronicles”) in an intense moment of clarity which always makes me feel like a crazy person, those moments of clarity, which come with out warning and are like remembering a movie I’ve never seen or has never existed yet.
  2. Piano, guitar, violin, cello, etc.
  3. Everyone has their one thing (or multiple things) that helps them get out of their skull for a little while and (arguably) most people have a decent idea about “how much is enough” however I am a person who is fatally attracted to extremes.  Booze used to be my thing that got me out of my skull for a while but now that I have made the decision that booze is no longer an option, I feel my mind moving around looking for something and trying to keep that “something” from becoming my next fatal attraction.
  4. Fuck sake, I know I shouldn’t need to justify myself but I think I have a guilt complex about being leisurely.  Maybe it’s a compensation thing or maybe it’s a coping mechanism.  It’s exhausting being crazy as a coconut with a rock inside (“Why is there a rock inside?” “I don’t know, that’s why it’s crazy!”).

Thursday Night at the Cinema (bonus)

Happy Thursday!

This is one of those ideas I mentioned in my post, “100 posts and going!”, where I have the this idea rolling around in my mind.  I haven’t acted on it because of preexisting time restraints but also, frankly, I don’t watch nearly enough movies or television shows to have regular content for this column idea however since I left y’all hangin last week Wednesday, I figured since I’m on spring holiday I can share with you how I get my movie fix.

Image result for spring break netflix
This (hopefully) family has some interesting movie tastes.

I like to watch a wide variety of channels on youtube and one of my favourite generes is the movie analysis videos and video essay about movie making from a technical level.  Some of my favouries are Now You See It, Every Frame a Painting, Lessons from the Screenplay, KaptanKristian, and What it all Meant just to name a few(1).  

Every once in awhile I a channel surprises me.  Today’s example comes from a relatively new channel, The Discarded Image(2), released a 15 minute video called “Life Outside the Frame: Episode 1 Star Wars”

If you weren’t already sold on the title and image card, here’s the description:

Life Outside The Frame: Episode 1 – Star Wars, tells the story of Jarvis, an ex-Stormtrooper, who’s trying to reintegrate back home in London, after the destruction of the Death Star.

Trust me, it is well worth the 15 minute run time.  This is a fairly high quality episode if the full stormtrooper/blaster pistol costume/prop set, plus the fairly ambitious 7.5 – 8 sets shifts in 15 minutes all draped in an excellent soundtrack and the main actor who 100% nails his character, wasn’t enough of a high mark of quality but also vision.  This channel is going places and I want to witness.


  1. This is just what I watch for movies.  I could write a number of articles about all the rest of the silly stuff  I watch on youtube because I feel like I am a bit way left field in my tastes since I am not directly in line with the pewdiepie and the H3H3 which are quality programs but I don’t have time to keep up with regularly. Though I do kinda keep an eye on pewdiepie via Matt Pat of Game Theory/Film Theory (SIDENOTE: O my god Matt Pat is a productive dude, I have no idea how he churns out so much quality content so regularly, easily one of my top favourite youtube personalities second to Ross of Accursed Farms).
  2. Such an excellent name right?