Interview with Mega-Ran (music)

Happy Wednesday!

A few months ago in November I went and saw my first nerdcore show in Manchester and going in the only rappers I was familiar with were MC Chris and MC Larz but everyone put on such an amazing show that after the show was over I went and talked to the performers and explained about my blog and asked if they would agree to an interview.

All have agreed however I’m still waiting for answers back from MC Chris.  I hope he finds time to reply to me but if not I will do a write up for his newest album instead.

The first up in the series is Mega-Ran.


Mega Ran and me

Here’s a few of his songs I particularly like:


Megaman Forever

Suck it Trebek this is my favourite because it’s a under publicized story that Alex Trebek of Jepordy said with regard to nerdcore “doesn’t sound like fun” and with regard to nerds “losers, in other words”.  So yea, Trebek: you’re the looser.


1. Who inspires you? Musically, artistically, writing, personally?
anyone creating, living their dreams, hustling. it’s so inspiring to see creators making a living on their art, and working hard to get it out there.
2. Did you always want to be a musician/songwriter or was there a “monkey touch monolith” moment?
I didn’t… I wanted to be a dentist. Music was a hobby or passion project until one day I put songs on the internet that got a lot of attention and led to more and more gigs which led to me quitting my teaching job to do this full time. Every day is like a dream.
3. What do you consider your greatest artistic and/or professional and/or personal achievement? (Feel free to answer all three or one or a combination, whatever man)
I think my greatest achievement is surviving, as crazy as that sounds…so many people from my old neighborhood let their dreams and passions die, as that’s what we’re told to do.. Somehow I held on and it’s working out. I’m a living testament.
4. What superpower would you have if you could have one and why/what would you do with it? (Seriously anything, from the mundane, to the established, to something completely original)
I’d like to be able to fly. I’d just use it to get to gigs, because I really despise flying on planes, haha. So if i could get to my shows without worrying about lines, checks and small seats, I’d be great.
5. If you could be in possession of a pocket dimension that you could travel into and out of at will, that contained any established cannon (books, movies, comics, video games, Salvador Dali paintings, anything) what would it be and what would you want to most do in there?
there would be a super NES with every game on it in there. I’d sit down and drink Ecto-Cooler and play Super Metroid all night.

A big thanks goes out to Mega Ran for being so awesome and playing along!!


Andreas Beats interview and Exclusive Track

Happy Wednesday!

I have something new this week for my music bit.  As I mentioned last week I reached out to Andreas Beats and he accepted to do an interview and also sent me an unreleased single which he gave me permission to share with my readers.  So without further ado:

Since I don’t have a premium plan for wordpress I had to upload the track to soundcloud but here is a link: C – Strings

1) how long have you been making music? did you always want to make a career out of it or did it just happen?
Andreas: I started making hip hop beats back in 96 with a friend of mine. We kept at it for a few years, but I eventually got solo with no real aim or plan. I just kept doing the music that I like without the intention of anybody else beeing interested in it. I wanted to make a living from music for a while but it’s such a shaky business. I make a track for some company’s clip or something like that once in a while. But it’s not anything I pursue. When I’m asked I’ll do it. But nowadays I mostly make music for climbing movies, which is my passion besides music. But I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon.
2) It seems like you do more than just make music, what are your other professional projects or hobbies?
Andreas: My passion and my job is climbing. I work as a routesetter. And when I have a minute to spare I climb. Can’t get enough of it!
3) Who inspires you? In anyway, like musical influences or personal heros or whatever?
Andreas: Who inspires me? Tricky one. I don’t know if I have a person that inspires me. Nature does. And sounds.
4) What advice would you give aspiring artists/musicians/producers etc?
Andreas: I’d say, just have fun and do what you like. Don’t try to emulate or follow trends. Just make the tunes you yourself would want to listen to. And put in the time. Music comes from inspiration, but inspiration isn’t present all that often. And in between the nuggets of inspiration you just have to work, work and work. Let it take the time it takes.
5) What sort of change would you like to see in your community (anything like the music scene, your country, the world at large, whatever you work towards personally that you’d like to see happen at large)?
Andreas: I cannot say all that much about the music scene and what needs changing since I am positioned on the very fringe of it. I sit at home and make stuff for the joy of it and don’t circulate in the “music scene” and that is in a way by choice. I’m quite happy beeing an outsider of the music industry.
But as for the community in general I would like to see a step in the other direction from where it’s going now. Towards compassion and not towards racism and hate. Seems like in all countries now there is a racist party on the rise. And it needs to be turned around if it’s not going to end ugly.
Thanks goes out to Andreas Beats for being so generous with his time and content.
I have more interviews lined up for the nerdcore rappers I saw in Manchester in November.  I intended to get it out sooner but I was trying to wait on everyone to get back to me however, I have 3 of 4 and I will proceed with out the last guy if need be.

Andreas Beats (band)

Happy Wednesday!

I like instrumental music a lot.  It’s primarily what I listen to while reading or writing and for me what I frequently take away from music enjoyment is the variety of sounds, melodies, and rhythms.

Adreas Beats is musician who creates beautiful and whimsical nature inspired tunes strongly favoring flute, strings, piano, and some other accents like horns (I can’t quite identify it, trumpet and slide trombone maybe? UPDATE: I reached out to Andreas on Facebook to tell them how much I loved their music and they were kind enough to read my this post and they told me “…the hard to adentify sounds you described are a mash of trombone tuba and various other brass instruments :)” what a nice guy!) and drums.  He has 2 albums out, though both are excellent I’m going to focus on his newer of the two Into the Woods.


I was sold from the album cover.

Unfortunately this artist is still pretty small and doesn’t have very much of their music posted online anywhere except spotify.  However if you do have spotify, both of his albums, Into the Woods and Vermland are available on there.

My top 3 favourite tracks off Into the Woods:

  1. The titular song “Into the Woods”
  2. “Positive” (not listed on his site under track listing but on Spotify)
  3. A-M K

I realize that this artist is a bit more effort to find than usual, I do try to make it easy, but please trust me when I say it is well worth finding Andreas Beats and having a listen.

UPDATE #2: Okay so as I mentioned in the above update, I reached out to Andreas and they read this piece and they are sending me an exclusive sneak peek demo they’re working on and agreed to an interview! Tune in next week Wednesday folks and be the one of those cool kids who gets to hear a bleeding fresh track first!

Dance With the Dead (Band)

Happy Wednesday!


Electro-retro has some really cool album art.

Sometimes I get into a funk and that sucks.  My funk can express it self in many different ways such as apathy (“I could work on my writing projects, I should be doing coursework, I want to do SOMETHING but I can’t be asked”), or lack of creativity (“I feel like I have nothing to write today, so why bother?”), but most frequently it comes from routine decisions where I have a perceived lack of options or lack of novelty especially when it comes to music.  I listen to A LOT of music, all different bands and genres and styles.  From relatively popular/new music like The Chainsmokers to hardcore medieval party mixes to things that I’m not really sure how to describe except that “I like this”.

Between spotify, youtube, and soundcloud, I find a pretty fair variety of unique music to keep me happy but sometimes I just get bored of everything.


This pretty much sums it up.


And that’s when the magic happens.  Let me introduce you to: electro-retro.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of the “retro movement”.  I think only some people have every been able to pull off the fedora look, I think only punks know how to wear big hair, and can we just leave our typewriters at home?


Writing in public doesn’t make me any more curious about what you’re writing, it just lets me know you desperately want to be seen as a “writer type”.

However when I some electro-retro, namely featuring synth sounds that took over the entire 80’s popular music scene, I knew I found something worth bringing back.

Dance with the Dead is a electroclash band who uses a lot of synth but also has electric guitar and drums giving it a rock quality that I really enjoy.  I really liked their album The Shape and specifically the songs Riot, Her Ghost, and the first song There’s a storm Coming.

Go forth and explore my friends, if you find something buzzin feel free to leave it in the comments.


Lunar (band)

Happy Wednesday!

In last week’s Music Wednesday post I briefly mentioned in footnote 2 about this band and I all of a sudden remembered why I started this music series in the first place, which was to raise awareness about bands I like that aren’t getting enough attention or that I just cannot shut up about (usually a little of both) and this is one that fits both categories.

Way back in 2007 before I discovered the wonders of weed, I was a pretty studious scholar.  I graduated high school early, with a 4.0 (on a 4.0/4.0 grading system), and my first year of university I was enrolled in 18 credit hours(1) and getting all As.  Basically I kicked ass in the scholastic ring. In the social ring, it was a different story.  Being this scholastic gave me lots of time to surf the internet because I didn’t have the social tempering to navigate university life (or really life at large) nor did I have time to kill and entire evening getting drunk and dancing (or so I thought(2)).

Late one night, on a Friday I believe, I was browsing the internet via the “stumble upon” I had installed on firefox, which when clicked took you to some seemingly random place on the internet(3) and one time I landed on  Back then it only had two albums and the newest one was the second album Wall of Sound (released in December 2007) and it’s cover art covered the page with a black background.


I listened to it and the first album, Hybrid Awaken (released mid 2006). lunar


Then I replayed them. Again. Again. And again.  I hadn’t listened to ANYTHING on repeat for like 6 years prior but then Lunar got in my earballs and would not get out.

Years later they came out with a third album, Complexity Kills (released February 2010)


Lunar is a strange mix of instruments from piano and drums to organ and strings with a splash of glitch and some other things I don’t know.  Results may vary but here’s some of my favourite tracks:

Hybrid Awakens:

Lazy Dog Funk – it has kind of a jazzy piano and tip tapping high high hat sound that stays pretty steady.  This song kind of reminds me of a lazy summer afternoon in St Louis when I was a kid when it was too hot to go play but it was summer and there wasn’t anything to do inside so I would just kinda wonder around looking at things, all of which were familiar but warranted a second look just in case something changed.

Voyage of the Mercantoli – the song sounds as big and profound as it’s boisterously ambitious title, lots of big drums and quivering strings reminding me of a voyage at sea in some rough waters, getting patches of clear skies but ultimately the ending sounds as ominous as the beginning of the song not promising a peaceful resolution.

Wall of Sound:

Overall the dude uses less piano on this album, which is nice because it sounds like he is being over all more expressive and experimental on this album but where he does use it, it works really well (like in Highest Limits)

Chaos Light – this song has one of my favourite build-ups in his modest discography at 2m10s coming to full fruition at 2m20s.

The Unknown (THW remix) – this is a remix of a song from the first album which articulates really well where the first album was lacking.  The remix makes uses much less of the same sounds, mostly piano, but also builds up faster coming to its first climax at 1m22s where as the original was building the entire song but never felt like it came to a properly interesting plateaux.  The remix turns up the background noises and varies the tempo keeping for a more engaging pace.

Complexity Kills:

Melt – dude is using more guitar on this album and in this song he uses it particularly interestingly off setting grungy power cords with ting of plucked strings particularly around 2m5s

Nine Lives – this strong has a strong strange introduction that has a upbeat synth but then works into a strange techno carnival type sound at 1m10s however it works for me.

This is a person whom I’m not sure how much longer em’s going to be out there or if he’s still producing or what he’s up to(4) however if you like em’s music go buy his albums, they’re starting at the low low price of FREE(5).  Give his page a like, go listen to em’s music on youtube and boost em’s ratings, basically if you like em go show him that some support.

I’ll see you Friday for the last post of 2016.



  1. For my not American university students let me try to simplify.  Most classes are 2-3 credit hours, each credit hour corresponding to 1 hour in class per week.  Minimum full time is defined as 12 credit hours, the mean being 15 credit hours (they recommend to figure 3 hours studying per credit hour, eg 12 credit hours = 48 hours of class and study time a week, 15 credit hours = 60 total work hours; however for me I’ve found it more realistic to figure about 1-2 hours study per credit hour) so taking 18 credit hours  worked out to taking 6 classes a week or 72 total work hours.
  2. I had not yet learned the magical motivation of a game I like to call “running with the deadlines” which is kind of like running with the bulls if deadlines could trample your body to death rather than your sense of accomplishment.
  3. After extensive stumbling I learned that there was a sort of canned set of places it would take you, mind you it was a big can of places, but it did repeat occasionally to my disillusionment.
  4. There is no wiki page, his facebook page ( hasn’t been posted to in about 3 years, and his search-ability on google and you tube is kind of awful.
  5. Literally, go check his site, the prices of his albums are “name a price”.  You can pay as much or as little as you want, it does appear to accept $0.00 as payment.

The Algorithm (band)

Happy Wednesday!

Folks, I got something strange and wonderful for you today.  As a kid I was big time into old school metal(1) then something happened and I just kind of fell out of not only metal but like all music for years(2).  It wouldn’t be until 2013 when I moved into a house with 5 other guys in South City St Louis when I would rediscover some of the joys of what I had been missing in the metal world and The Algorithm is a big player in that scene for me.

I was first introduced to them via their concept album, an album that seeks to serve a bigger purpose or tell a story, think Ziggy Stardust or Joe’s Garage, Polymorphic Code is a mathcore album that has a unifying theme of a hacker or virus getting access to a system, causing some chaos, then the ensuing panic.  Some of my favourite tracks include tracks: 2. Bouncing Dot, 3. Trojans, and 4. Access Granted.

They have a couple more albums out now, Octopus4 and Brute Force, and are going on tour in Thursday 06 July 2017 at Newark, UK with The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, Aborted, Hacktivist,  and Ingested.  Tickets start at £10.00.



  1. Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica were my four go to bands.
  2. Age 15 – 19, not particularly sure why or what caused the shift however thanks to the firefox stumble upon addon button, a mild internet addiction, and a seriously lacking social life while at my first University, I found Lunar and rekindled was my love for music.

Vitamin String Quartet (band)

Happy Wednesday!

This week’s chosen band is a reader recommendation, Vitamin String Quartet. They’re a string quartet, ergo the name, out of Los Angeles, California.  Most of the music they do are string tributes to genres and bands from the moderately popular (Tiger Army and Thirty Seconds to Mars) to classic rock (Rush and Iron Maiden) to top 40 music (Daft Punk and Skrillex).  They also have a few original songs off their album Per_Versions.

What I mostly like about their music is it works as an EXCELLENT ear worm cure particularly for songs that are on the radio all the time even if you like them they still get stuck in your head.  Sometimes I have trouble with ear worms because when  I try to listen to the song it self to “reset the track”, I end up getting it even more stuck in my head because now I remember the entire song.  Where as with string versions of these songs, I get the melody but because it’s missing the lyrics it gets unstuck.

And additional bonus to listening to this band publicly, as in out loud, is to the casual observer you sound like you have really classy music tastes before they recognize the tune.

This is a band that I’ve found it’s best to listen to mixes of rather than specific albums and that way it kind of becomes a guessing game as to whether you know the song before tabbing back over to see what it is.

Here’s a list of mixes I really enjoyed:

Rock classics

The Study Mix

VSQ Remember’s the 80’s
If you have a band you’d like mentioned on here, leave a suggestion in the comments. I love getting new music recommendations.

MC Chris is coming to the UK

As I’ve mentioned in the pasr , I really like MC and I’ve missed seeing him in my home town of St Louis at least twice now, most recently in October just after I left to come here.  However I’m getting a second chance.  He’s touring around several cities close to me (Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow).  Let’s show our support, UK fans and show MC a good time.

Tour dates and tickets can be found here: