Heart Attack (comic)

I feel like this is what’s going to get me one day. Happy Valentine’s day. 

Sorry for the late posting.  It’s been a pressure cooker week and I fell asleep at 7pm local time.  

If you’re single, sad , and/or just in need for an extra laugh check in Monday for a review of the very funny book of essays “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris.  

Tell me a story pt 2 (comic)

Happy Friday! 

Louie: What is this?!

Fin: Isn’t it cool? I found the projector room!!

One day while Beeman was out driving…

A wild Flower Cop appears! “You’ve gone too far this time Beeman. You’ve deflowered your last…flower.”

Feel that, Beeman? That’s the sweet sting of justice!” 

Let’s Have a Selfie (comic)

Happy Funny Friday!



Tell Me a Story #1 (comic)

Happy Friday!

My friend Evan, a very funny and talented writer, inspired this comic.  This one’s for you, buddy.



I learned that beelzebub is portrayed as a bee in some texts. I learned this when I was writing an essay on Emily Dickinson‘s “I heard a Fly Buzz – When I Died” or the more catchy title (591) and I postulated that the Fly was actually a flying buzzing bug rather than specifcially a fly.





Tune in next Friday to see what happens next!

A Joke for Book and Dog Lovers (Literary comic #3)


“Woof” obviously.

Pardon my typo, I was in a rush (as you can tell from the sketchy lines), It was supposed to read “What did the dog say to the book?” “Nice Tale”.

I like making up original “Dad Jokes” for the amusement of my friends.  Feel free to borrow it.

My Hair has a Mind of it’s own. (comic)


This is what I think when people tell me “my hair has a mind of it’s own”.