Movie stuff

5 Mad Movie Makers is basically 5 guys making short (less than 5 minute) videos with a go pro and some perspective.

Hot wheels road trip is one of my favourites by these guys.  


CineFix is a really cool general movie channel but insightful.  Lots of “top 5/10” video lists, but their tastes are rather solid   


Cinema Sins is a hilariously cynical channel that deconstructs, dissects, and destroys every movie he runs across.  He even manages to make ripping apart movies I like funny (RIP Die Hard: the only xmas movie for me haha…)

Everything Wrong with Die Hard 


Every Frame a Painting is a shot for shot movie analysis channel with movie essays about movies


Kaptain kirstian is a guy who does video essays mostly about television shows and movies, specifically animation, and is really interesting.  


Lessons From the Screenplay are a collection of video essays focusing around the composition of screenplay and what we can learn from it


Nerdwriter1 writes about a lot of subjects including movies.    

How Dragons Halt Progress in the world of A Game of Thrones


Now you See it is a movie analysis channel with a focus on camera work, specifically how cuts affect scenes, but covers a lot of ground in general analysis


The Film Theorists is a collection of channels about Films (hahaha) my favourites being Film Throry with MatPat and Frame By Frame  

Film Theory with MatPat


Frame By Frame 


The Royal Ocean Film Society is a relatively new film analysis channel but it’s off to a great start

What It All Meant is another excellent movie analysis channel



Accursed Farms is channel by Ross who has a couple of web series, Freeman’s Mind following the guy Gordon Freeman through his increasingly strange day as a nuclear physicist, and Civil Protection is mostly two high tech Human cops chatting while on duty in a post alien invasion and colonization of Earth after the 7 hour war.  Both are really funny.

Freeman’s Mind 

Civil Protection


And one of his funniest series to me is his show Ross’s Game Dungeon which is part tour, part review of old, obscure, and dying/dead games (dying/dead games is when a game is online only or tied to a central server and when the service is shut down, in most cases, so too is the game, this is an issue he is quite passionately against).  I don’t really play games anymore, however the show requires no knowledge of gaming to be enjoyed, Ross is just a really funny guy.  

Ross’s Game Dungeon 

CGP Grey is a very informative and funny guy who explains complicated things easily in a quick manour of speaking.  

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained



Crash Course is a series of shows that are intended as courses in different subjects from the sciences to the humanities in fun and funny ways. I’m a fan of CC Philosophy, CC Mythology and CC Literature.

CC Philosophy


CC Mythology 

CC Literature 


DNews is Discover news and does solid science based news


kurzesagt – in a nut shell is basically as it sounds “lots of information about one subject in a nut shell”


The School of Life is largely a philosophy channel about mental well being and emotional awareness/intelligence.


Thoughty2 is kind of a “Today I learned” channel with a cheeky dude in a sharp suit.