Lucien Storm: with kindness in his eyes and a fire in his heart (STL Shines)

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for the late posting. Monday was a struggle after a busy holiday weekend, Tuesday was busy with work, but here I am today bright eyed and bushy eyebrows! orca-image-1509586175703.jpg_1509586175829

Welcome to my first installment of the experimental series of profiles on rising St Louis stars and artisans.  This week we’re featuring the equally talented and beautiful Lucien Storm.  Without further ado, let me introduce this weeks guest:

Lucien Storm greets me at the door of his home, located in Ferguson, a small city inside St Louis North County.  Storm stands tall, or at least tall to me, with out a sense of inflation, “Welcome to Storm’s Hollow”.  

Entering Storm’s Hollow is an experience I won’t soon forget, the anteroom serves as a hub for the rest of the labyrinthine.  A mural of a tree climbs up the right angled stairs, straight ahead through a door frame I can see a table which appears to have a gigantic body shrouded laying on top, however despite my curiosity and anxiety (both stemming from a mounting sense of excitement) Lucien directs me to the left through a door way into a room straight out of my dreams: book shelves (filled with books and just books) from  floor to ceiling, a fireplace, exposed ceiling allowing the century old wood to show off how well it’s aged, a Ouija board and  some faux candles “float” (fishing line from the ceiling) above a coffee table which sat in between two lush period appropriate wooden chairs the style where the apolstery is attached by patina penny coloured studs.  Storm’s Hollow is one of most home feeling places I’ve ever entered, which as Mr. Storm explains to me is the purpose of his Hollow: a safe place for friends, family, and community.

“Storm’s Hollow is our home, but isn’t just a home.  It’s a space for crafting, hosting, a community center for the pagan/alternative community, and fire and burlesque performance troupes.”  Mr Storm explain.  The primary fire and burlesque troupe that takes refuge in Storm’s Hollow is a cooperative called Hidden Flame.  Hidden Flame will be performing at the Lantern Festival 4th and 5th of November in Eureka MO.

However Storm’s Hollow is more than just a community center and gathering place for makers and performers.  Lucien Storm shared with me a glimpse into the future of his vision, something I’m calling “Storm’s Hollow 2.0”, “What I would like to eventually expand into is building an earthship home (an eco-home built into the earth from re and up cycled products).”  From there he plans to expand into offering classes to other people seeking to build their own earthship and learn more ecological living, and then long term he would like to build an eco-friendly community of earthships somewhere near the St Louis area.

Tune in Friday for the weekly funny! This week is inspired by my mystery guest from Friday the 13th comic

Lady Sugar Skull
May I present “Lady Sugar Skull”?

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