…meanwhile (comic)

Happy Friday!

First comic back and it’s one I’ve been saving for a while (almost a year back, in fact draft one was on the same page as draft one for last year’s birthday comic).


First drafts are rough

Anyway here’s draft two, I plan to revisit this piece once I get more time to play with my digital sketch pad.

looking for a friend

Draft two. Can you tell I’m colour blind?

Tune in next Friday for the 2017 Birthday comic special.  It’s going to be the start of something bigger.


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About Fin

I an university student at UMSL and will be filling my life long dream to travel abroad via studying at Lancaster University, UK as an exchange student from October 2016 - June 2017. Also, just for the record, I really really dislike Gravitar and would love it if wordpress offered a non-gravitar option.

2 thoughts on “…meanwhile (comic)

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