Message from the Editor

Hey it’s Brad Evans again. Fin asked me to convey this message:


“Happy Friday! Soz about all the waiting, everything has been going way not according to plan but you know what they say about the best laid plans: the best part is laying them!

I did get a stable internet connection, and a laptop. However, my laptop arrived with the software equivalent of “some assembly required.”

I have a good new job, not a writing one though, yet, but it’s crazy right now (more will be revealed,) and I’m going on a float trip next week after a 10 day work week. Then more side jobs, and the fun never ends.

I hope to be posting again by the first week of September, but remember what I said about plans?

I will be in touch and have good content coming soon.



Gotta cut the guy some slack, right? He’s just moved continents, and is working hard to get set up here.

For my part, I’ve been keeping busy with a summer creative writing class, among other things. I also hope to be posting more soon, and on subjects other than book reviews.

So stay tuned, guys! In the meantime, remember to stay Offbeat, but On Point!