Happy Brexit 1776 Day

Happy Tuesday!

Image result for brexit 1776 meme

The founding fathers were hipsters

I wanted to post to say: I got home from the UK safe and moved into my new place okay however I don’t have direct/consistent access to a computer/internet quite yet.  I have a post scheduled to post tomorrow that I wrote last week (it’s gonna be a good one, did an album review of “Where did the night fall?” by one of my favourite artists UNKLE) however I’m not sure if I’ll get around to getting back to a regular schedule until next week (I’m basically waiting on my new laptop to come in the mail, which should be soon).

Anyway happy ‘MURCIA day to my USA readers.  Be safe and have fun.


That’s the spirit. 


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I an university student at UMSL and will be filling my life long dream to travel abroad via studying at Lancaster University, UK as an exchange student from October 2016 - June 2017. Also, just for the record, I really really dislike Gravitar and would love it if wordpress offered a non-gravitar option.

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