Animation and Mathematics (ft Simpsons and Numberphile)

Happy Thursday!

Source: Spiked Math 336

This week at the cinema I want to present a few videos on the relationship between animation and mathematics.  

Here is a link to the three Video Essays we’re presenting tonight:

Math and Animation (youtube playlist):

Homer vs Pierre de Fermont – Numberphile

Pi and Four Fingers – Numberphile


I think one thing  that harmonises with me the most is this idea that theoretical mathematics gives us suggestions to our reality but on paper there’s a certain finality which can get lost in application. Animation allows us to create a reality where we can provide all the answers we please and because of the nature of animation, living on paper, it has a similar finality as theoretical mathematics.  This exploration of our space via mathematical logic we gain a way we can enrichen the worlds we animate.

Animation also allows for a precision of realisation or a control in how the final product will work from the environment to the characters which leaves nothing to chance.  This is the closest some of us have to shaping reality, animation and creation.  I think this is one reason why I like numbers.    

Here’s a link to the story mentioned in the first video “The Devil and Simon Flagg” by Arthur Porges.  


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