A Harmonious Union (playlist

Happy Wednesday!

Continuing this week’s theme of mathematics I decided to further explore the relationship between math’s and music.  I’ve long been vaguely aware of their relationships from ted talks and math metal but most recently the adverts I’ve been seeing for study tracks.  

Being a hobbyist at both maths and music, I felt it best to let some experts better explain how music works but first a Foamy the Squirrel sketch:  

Math metal : foamy the squirrel (2m)


The Maths of Music (14m)

This video explains the mathematics behind music and music theory.

“Ugly music” (tedx) (10m)

“Beautiful muisc” (tedx) (4m)

These two tedx videos explore what makes music Ugly or Beautiful.  

Now without further ado:

Music and Maths – A Harmonious Union (playlist link)music math1

Playlist: (song/artist/album)

  1. Dragon Curve muisc video/numberphile
  2. fibonacci music
  3. Golden Ratio Song/Numberphile math metal
  4. Pi Prog Rock/Numberphile
  5. “Trypophobic” music from Numberphile’s Mandelbrot Set
  6. Nosferatu Man/Slint/Spiderland
  7. userspace/the algorithm/brute force

Information about songs/bands

  1. Dragon curve unfolding and multiplying to music.
  2. Fibonacci sequence played on piano
  3. Math Metals helped compose this song
  4. Some notes about “the devils cords”
  5. A song inspired by the mandelbrot set, also I might be a little bit trypophobic.  
  6. math rock
  7. What it feels like listening to The Algorithm: https://youtu.be/W2eUckDCCqE

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