SOCT: Mathematics

Stream of Consciousness Theatre Presents: Mathematics

Happy Monday!

**AUTHOR’S NOTE** As to try and stay within the genre of “Stream of Consciousness Theatre” or “uncensored free writing” I tried to keep this as accurate to the original hand-written copy fixing some grammatical stuff and adding a couple of citations but the general body of the text is largely left alone, content errors and all. **END NOTE**

“Maths”, or in American English aka “simplified English” according to steam (insert pic) “math”, is short for “mathematics” but the story of how it got translated into “math” is an interesting story which I only remember the bassist details. Something like “mathematicas” is ancient greek for the verb “to do mathematica”. 

“Mathematicas” becomes “mathematics”. Mathematics was originally shortened to “math.” in a text book but the “s” was replaced the full-stop, or in simplified English period which in British English is used to refer to a woman’s biological menstrual cycle instead of the more-familiar-to-me grammatical usage which has gotten me into some “lost in translation” moments whilst here in the UK, as a misunderstanding with the understanding being that “mathematics” is plural” and ∴, meaning “therefore” not sure of etymology of symbol(1) but I learned it in Mrs. ___’s(2) geometry class where she told wild stories about triangles with 4 right angles and strange theories about the donut and coffee mug being geometrically identical or some such, the abbreviation should inherit the plural “s”.

Watching a numberphile video, the story of “math” v “maths” is also a numberphile video which features CGP Grey(3), about the simpsons and the equation xn+yn+zn=an where n>2(4) which is suppose to be an impossible formula but in the simpsons two episodes, one being the treehouse of horrors where homer stumbles into the third dimension, they present a working solution.  Thi video or another related the odd question: why are so many maths and science majors drawn towards animation? (simpsons has something like 3 phds and several masters or something; wouldn’t be surprised if Rick and Morty have some higher ed degrees in maths or sciences or philosophy) the guy answered something “pure maths is appealing because it is theoretical, what happens on paper if it works, works. Similarly animation works in this way.  It’s predictable or more so than real life actors or physics with physical limitations and broken beakers.” This then came up again in Ross’s May Video chat, on reason he’s drawn to animation is because it’s more reliable than real life actors and easier w/r/t permissions.  I believe these are the reasons I like mathematics and cartooning/drawing.    

Tune in Wednesday for a mathematic inspired playlist: A Harmonious Union



  1. Etymology of symbol:Information about symbol

  2. I just cannot remember her name but I want to say it’s “Mrs. D” or something because I remember this kid who was on of those cool but funny types who called her that, I think, not confident on the “D” but the teacher was super cool. One of my favourites.  In fact I’d go as far as to say my top 5 best teachers.  At least two math teachers in my top 5, the other one being the lovely chap from cornwall who taught me calculus at UMSL also cannot remember his name.  I’d place my victorian gothic lit teacher from lancaster there too along side my drama teacher from last year also at UMSL.  These names in no specific order.  Though one of my all time worst teachers was my stats & probability teacher.  Forgot ol’ dude’s name but he was all over the place.  Nice guy but way too disorganised a teaching style for me.  Strange jokes too.  

  3. relevant video relevant video


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