Accursed Farms (entertainment)

Happy Thrusday!

So I’ve thought about this column a lot since last Thursday when I posted the first of its kind.  I’m not promising that it will be a weekly feature because of time but even before getting on spring holiday, I have noticed I have a bit of free time.  I keep busy with plenty of personal projects(1), university work, trying to find ways to make money from writing, and I recently bought a harmonica because I used to play music when I was a kid(2) and I wanted to reconnect with that part of my brain.  However I feel like it’s not enough.  Sometimes I worry about getting addicted to work(3) but then I have days where I lay in bed for 20 hours straight and my fears are alleviated (sorta).

Anyway one reason I started a blog was because I feel like I have excellent tastes and I wanted to share the things I spend time consuming.  Also I feel like writing about the things I consume helps me “justify” consuming these things(4).  Either way let me share with you a few of the more interesting things I’ve watched lately.

Today I’m featuring my number one favourite youtube personality and channel, Ross of Accursed Farms.  Ross has three shows on his channel: Ross’s Game Dungeon, Freeman’s Mind, and Civic Protection.


I spend a lot of time watching Ross’s Game Dungeon.  It’s one of those shows that’s funny and strange and one of my go-to to watch as I fall asleep.  This one is one of his shorter videos, for ease of approachability.  I haven’t played video games consistently in ages, over a decade, but Ross has a personality and voice that I find so entertaining that it kinda doesn’t matter what the video is about because I’ll probably watch it.


Freeman’s Mind is a series made from the Half-life game following the main character, Gordan Freeman, who is grappling with the cosmic absurdity of his existence and it’s pretty fucking funny.  Season 2 episode 1 just dropped earlier this week and it’s good.  Go. Seriously this is one time when I’m saying “It’s totally okay to leave my site if it’s to go watch Freeman’s Mind.”


I have to be honest: Civil Protection took a while to grow on me but it’s a show that 100% gets better as it goes on.  Some of my favourite jokes come from this show.

Ross has other videos, my favourites are Ross’s Rants (specifically the one on Robot Jobs) and apparently I’m a minority in his fan base but I liked Moon Gaming.

I don’t know if you’re reading this Ross, but if so you’re one of the creators I really look up to.  You do pretty different things than I do but you’re success is an inspiration to me and you’ve provided me with countless hours of entertainment.  Keep up the great work, man.



  1. I have made exciting developments with “Band of Misprints” (book one in “The Big River Chronicles”) in an intense moment of clarity which always makes me feel like a crazy person, those moments of clarity, which come with out warning and are like remembering a movie I’ve never seen or has never existed yet.
  2. Piano, guitar, violin, cello, etc.
  3. Everyone has their one thing (or multiple things) that helps them get out of their skull for a little while and (arguably) most people have a decent idea about “how much is enough” however I am a person who is fatally attracted to extremes.  Booze used to be my thing that got me out of my skull for a while but now that I have made the decision that booze is no longer an option, I feel my mind moving around looking for something and trying to keep that “something” from becoming my next fatal attraction.
  4. Fuck sake, I know I shouldn’t need to justify myself but I think I have a guilt complex about being leisurely.  Maybe it’s a compensation thing or maybe it’s a coping mechanism.  It’s exhausting being crazy as a coconut with a rock inside (“Why is there a rock inside?” “I don’t know, that’s why it’s crazy!”).

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