Thursday Night at the Cinema (bonus)

Happy Thursday!

This is one of those ideas I mentioned in my post, “100 posts and going!”, where I have the this idea rolling around in my mind.  I haven’t acted on it because of preexisting time restraints but also, frankly, I don’t watch nearly enough movies or television shows to have regular content for this column idea however since I left y’all hangin last week Wednesday, I figured since I’m on spring holiday I can share with you how I get my movie fix.

Image result for spring break netflix
This (hopefully) family has some interesting movie tastes.

I like to watch a wide variety of channels on youtube and one of my favourite generes is the movie analysis videos and video essay about movie making from a technical level.  Some of my favouries are Now You See It, Every Frame a Painting, Lessons from the Screenplay, KaptanKristian, and What it all Meant just to name a few(1).  

Every once in awhile I a channel surprises me.  Today’s example comes from a relatively new channel, The Discarded Image(2), released a 15 minute video called “Life Outside the Frame: Episode 1 Star Wars”

If you weren’t already sold on the title and image card, here’s the description:

Life Outside The Frame: Episode 1 – Star Wars, tells the story of Jarvis, an ex-Stormtrooper, who’s trying to reintegrate back home in London, after the destruction of the Death Star.

Trust me, it is well worth the 15 minute run time.  This is a fairly high quality episode if the full stormtrooper/blaster pistol costume/prop set, plus the fairly ambitious 7.5 – 8 sets shifts in 15 minutes all draped in an excellent soundtrack and the main actor who 100% nails his character, wasn’t enough of a high mark of quality but also vision.  This channel is going places and I want to witness.


  1. This is just what I watch for movies.  I could write a number of articles about all the rest of the silly stuff  I watch on youtube because I feel like I am a bit way left field in my tastes since I am not directly in line with the pewdiepie and the H3H3 which are quality programs but I don’t have time to keep up with regularly. Though I do kinda keep an eye on pewdiepie via Matt Pat of Game Theory/Film Theory (SIDENOTE: O my god Matt Pat is a productive dude, I have no idea how he churns out so much quality content so regularly, easily one of my top favourite youtube personalities second to Ross of Accursed Farms).
  2. Such an excellent name right?

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