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Today is a good day because I have a double feature for nerdcore fans!  Lady J and Paleface have been so generous to reach out to me with a press release of their new song, Link’s Arousing (The Musical), and an interview with both Lady J and Paleface.  Big thanks goes out to them!



Paleface and Lady J release nerdcore single about Link’s sexual frustration

DALLAS, TX: Since 1991, Link’s been rescuing the princess. He has saved her from Ganondorf, Demise, Ghirahim, and more, and she has never really thanked him. At least, not in the way he wants. The princess has teased Link for too long, and he is ready to let her know.

“Link’s Arousing (The Musical)” is the brainchild of Paleface and Wreck the System’s Lady J. The two were inspired by the new installation in Link’s adventures that is scheduled to be released this spring.

LadyJ loading up The Legend of Zelda.
Left to right: Princess Zelda, Paleface, and LadyJ at the arcade

When asked about their inspiration for the song, Lady J said:

“With the new Link game coming out, we wanted to do a throwback to the old school games, the games we grew up with, so we came up with Link’s Arousing.”

The song is written from the point of view of the series’ hero Link. Through the lyrics, he tries to convince the princess to take their relationship to the next level, a sexual level. In the video, Paleface plays the role of Link, while Lady J acts as his wingwoman. Actress Megan Caulfield plays the role of the princess.

In traditional nerdcore fashion, Lady J and Paleface incorporate numerous classic video game references. As well, Paleface and Caulfield dress up as popular video game characters and film a majority of the video inside an arcade.



The song, Link’s Arousing (The Musical), is available at

Get down, Link!

Interview and appointment requests with Paleface and Lady J are available by contacting or by phone at (916) 904-9193.

About Paleface: Paleface is a rising nerdcore artist. He is best known for his song “Polly Wanna Beat” and his collaboration with Lyoness and $kittlez’ “Birds of Color”. His music videos are available on Channel 38’s Youtube channel.

About Lady J: Lady J is a part of the popular nerdcore group, Wreck the System. Her style is often described as a “punch in the face” by fans. She has performed at many conventions and shows including MAGfest, Bitgen, and 8 Bit Bonanza. Her songs are available on her Soundcloud “createladyj”.



Offbeat, On point (OBOP): What’s one thing you want everyone to know about you, above all else?

Paleface (PF): Art comes in many forms, but it’s always and only the product of proactive creativity.  Whether my output is good or bad, I want the world to know that I used every nanosecond of free time to express myself creatively.  After all, at the end of our lives, the artistry we leave behind is the only evidence we ever existed–it’s the only tangible proof that we contributed something unique and meaningful.

Lady J (LJ): “Be Who You Are Without Fear” Happiness is the root of this. Having the things as needed to live, and doing the things you want/desire. I push this cause I have a very huge tie to mental health. Music also drives the fight to mental health.

OBOP: How long have you been writing music? Did you play music in school or did you just do your own thing?

PF: Music has always been a refuge, but it’s only been through the contributions of others that I’ve extended my ability to externalize the music inside me.  Hip hop is among the most incredible innovations in the modern creative environment, since it enables individuals to bring forth rhythms that might otherwise require lots of money and training to express.  All you need is a beat and flow and suddenly a channel appears.  However, with each new collaborator, I’ve found a new means of expressing a facet of talent inside me.  Linking up with Lady J as a producer gave a flash and edge to what otherwise would have been a simpler product than my potential demanded.  And she introduced me to Cam3, from whom I obtained ever doper beats.  Linking up with B-Wein for the first time added a whole new component–video–that further enabled me to bring to life my songs.  Every song is so much more than the sum of its parts.

LJ: It’s been a huge factor in a lot of interactions coming up. I want to help people get thru their day, always motivated others thru music or other means. I’ve always strived to be a leader and a movement is what I’m looking to create. The center to our movement is “Be Who You Are Without Fear”. So answering your question. Did my own thing. Lol

OBOP: What’s your first or favourite (why not both?) video game memory?

PF: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.  That’ll always be my defining favorite.  In my hand in the early ‘90s I held a console that exposed me to a whole new world.  That game sucked me in completely when I was a kid, and was both an escape from my real life AND an inspiration to make my real life so much more of an adventure.

LJ: Sonic!! I loved him, the memory is tied to my Nana and mother who have both passed away from Breast Cancer. I remember sitting on Nana’s bed, Playing Atari… (note: I was born 1989, they made sure I knew my ish and played games from the beginning)  I When they bought me a sega, I was THRILLED!! Sonic was the first game I had from on the system, and Nana would sit on the bed, cheering me on thru the levels. Since then, gaming and connecting with others thru gaming has been a very big part of my life.

OBOP: What game world/cannon are you most looking forward to explore/play in Virtual Reality?

PF: WOLFENSTEIN.  I’ve got some scores to settle, and a virtual reality tour of that classic is my avenue to do so.

LJ: RESIDENT EVIL!!!! Love scary games. It’s hard to scare me, I hope this succeeds. 🙂

OBOP: Who would you pay dues to for inspiration in music or gaming or life?

PF: My favorite creative plane is “absurdist satire”… so I feel like I owe a debt to Monty Python, Howard Stern, and the original Donkey Kong!

LJ: All my Mom, All of it. She loved music and introduced gaming in my life. She is the inspiration for the two’s merging. Her and a friend, Viga, who’s a huge personality and the Con scene.


Again big thank you goes out to Lady J and Paleface!



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