Small Things To Help Your Mental Health This Year

This is a hard time of year. Between the holidays, family, and if you’re lucky enough to have coursework over holiday (me) there’s a lot going on and that can weigh heavy on the mind. Check out my friend’s blog for New Year’s Suggestions (rather than resolutions because who needs the additional pressure of upholding extra responsibility?). 🙂


Happy New Year! I’m not hugely into resolutions these days, after many years of far too many resolutions that never actually happened. However, given that the entire world is currently in a ‘new year, new you’, I thought I’d write a list of things that you could give a try in 2017/ whenever you want (see? These are suggestions, not resolutions. It’s all in the branding) to improve your mental health in small ways. I’ll make it clear from the outset, these aren’t cures, they’re ways to make your mental health slightly better on a day-to-day basis, or to help when you’re having a really crappy day.

Embrace your inner child and do some colouring. 

Adult colouring books have been everywhere the last year or so, but they really are pretty cool. I find they’re a really good distraction when I’m anxious/ stressed, and given that my other coping methods…

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