Tuesday Turn-around

Happy Tuesday!


Okay folks, it’s been a tough last few weeks and I apologize for not posting sooner/more regularly but here’s a (very) brief rundown of what’s gotten me down:

  1. November: it’s my least favourite month (lots of reasons, but it’s never good and never ends well).
  2. Being a stranger in a strange land is jarring on many levels and results in lots of paperwork, anxiety, international calls, waiting on documents, pushing deadlines, and that’s just on the academic side.  Personally and spiritually it has been as rewarding as punishing but most of all it’s been exhausting.
  3. “Project: Transfer to Lancaster as a full time student” has been an on going source of stress and paperwork and an additional reason to focus on my school work and start the prep work for next year (whether I end up here or back in St Louis, there will be a lot of things I’m going to have to organize and arrange).
  4. English Universities grade much more harshly than American Universities.
  5. My computer has drowned in irreparable damage both effecting my school work and my ability to produce excellent content on the side (such as this stuff).
  6. Black mold poisoning.

However now that I’m on winter break, I have less work(1) and I should be able to get the train rolling again.  I have some interviews coming up for the Music Wednesdays and some new books I read over break for Literary Review Monday however for the comics, I’m going to try and hand draw pictures and take pictures of them until I can find a vector program that I can use with out a personal computer(2).  Starting tomorrow, I will be back on a regular program for as long as I can go, though if things get heavy again, I may drop back down to two days(3).

With that, I’ll be back tomorrow.


  1. Banter.  I don’t have any lectures or anyone around to distract me, I’m staying on campus over the holidays, but I have like 4 papers or about 8000 words to write over break which is like more than I have had to do all term combine thus far.
  2. This might take a while since finding a new program is fairly low on my list of priorities, just above purchasing a new laptop and below getting a job in the UK.
  3. If I am accepted into Lancaster, the remainder of this year will be a “qualifying year” meaning that as long as I do well, I’m in for next year and beyond but it’s not a 100% guarantee that I’m in, so if I am accepted I may take myself down to two days to help keep balance however if I’m not accepted then I will likely keep with three days and let things be as they will.

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