MC Chris in Manchester and announcements 

Happy Monday!

I want to start by apologising for not posting last week.  I’m approaching the end of my first trimester and I had a several week personal crisis peak last week and it was not good.  I will likely talk more about it in a later post but right now isn’t the time yet.

Second I went to Manchester with my mate to see MC Chris and O.M.F.G. no joke best show I’ve ever been to.  Again I will elaborate in a later post but now is not the time yet HOWEVER I did get to meet MC and I  got him to agree to an exclusive interview for ObOP (Offbeat On Point) and holy cow am I excited!!

Third I want to say that I am not entirely sure when I will be able to resume web comics proper (if it gets too long, I’ll go back to hand drawing and taking a picture) but my laptop is officially dead with no chance of being brought back.  I am looking to pick up a seasonal job over break and might be able to swing it then but until then I don’t feel comfortable making several hundred quid plus purchases right now.

Fourth, I will be taking a break from the regular MWF schedule for the next two weeks so I can stick the landing on this term.  It’s important to get good grades so when I apply to Lancaster to be a degree student rarher than an exchange student, I look pretty solid.  Sorry folks but this is really important to me but I will post small things whenever.

Fifth (because you know I can’t end on “four”) Winter holiday is coming up in two weeks and unless I find a job or something I will have an open schedule for almost a month and everyone I talk to and everyone I live with is going home for the holidays while I will be here at Lancaster.  Frankly this scares me. A lot.  So to help combat that fear of lonieness and isolation, I will be posting a little bit extra (I’ve read a few really great books I want to share) and I will be open for ideas.  Things to do here in England, new band recommendations, maybe take some suggestions for an interface face-lift etc.

Please feel free to Like my facebook page “Offbeat On Point” where I do share some other random stuff (mostly web comics) that doesn’t make it here and to help keep you informed on when I post everytime.
Thanks and see you soon!


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