The Creepshow (band)

Ugggh…I’m sorry my friend but today is not a happy day, after last night’s elections I’m not particularly happy however I’m not surprised.  However this is not a political commentary blog (yet? no…I’m not ready to start loosing friends and alienating people) so

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! <–I’m trying guys

Possibly my all time favourite album cover art.

Welcome to my first music related post.  Well, technically it’s my second my first being MC Chris is Legit which I mostly did because MC was on tour and I really like that guy and it totally wasn’t a shameless trending-social-media-style cry for attention.  However this is my first post in a new series I’m posting on Wednesdays about bands I like listening to mostly when reading/writing, but not exclusively those bands.  Depending on reactions, I might include pod-cast reviews(1) or consider doing a separate series for that, someday maybe(2).

This being my first post, I wanted to showcase one of my favourite bands to not only give you a taste of what the things put in my ears but also I didn’t have time to investigate the Vitamin String Quartet, sorry Hannah, the wonderful writer at 2b or not 2b writing tips, but this will be next week’s feature. I promise.

The band in question is a Canadian band called The Creepshow. Since forming in 2005 this psychobilly has put out 4 albums, a Halloween single, all under 3 different lead singers.
I was first introduced to this band by one of my chefs, when I used to work in a culinary kitchen which is exactly as scary as it sounds and not at all as exciting as people generally tend to think (3), a monster of a man at 6’5″ (195.6cm) and covered head to toe(4) in tattoos and a very large number of piercings.  Strangely enough, his self description of looking like a “Tatted up George Clooney” was surprisingly accurate and somehow coming from him it wasn’t overly arrogant.  A very interesting man to say the least.  I think he went on to pursue a band full time, but I’ve lost touch with him.  I hope I can convince him to let me do a profile of his band for the blog.  Regardless one late night, he was playing his ipod on shuffle and this song, Sleep Tight, which was a love ballad style song with a dark twist.  What most attracted me was Sarah Blackwood’s voice.  Women singer voices tend to fit better in my ear than mens’, though that is not to say I don’t like men singers it’s just my preference.  I could go on and on about how they’ve evolved as a band and how each of the 3 lead singers have left their stylistic mark on the band’s music but I’ll let that be up to you to discover and discuss in the comments.  The following is a list of their albums and my favourite songs from each album.  Sell your Soul  –their first album and the highlights are track 2 “Creatures of the Night” and the wonderfully funny, also has a great music video, “Zombies Ate her Brain“. And I cannot not mention this beautiful song with a very sweet harmonica solo “The Garden”.Run for your life – their second album and the highlights being “Buried Alive”  and “You’ll come Crawling“.They All Fall Down – Wow.  I’ve listened to this album A LOT and that’s an understatement. I am reluctant to pick a favouite album by these guys but I almost have this one entirely memorized.  Dusk til Dawn and Road to Nowhere on repeat.  Life After Death –  Where do I start? First I love the intro skit, it sets a real hard fast line and it does not let up.  Saints + Sinners has an amazing drumline, so fucking fast and good and RAWWWWHH!(5) The Devil’s Son music video Kendra Knife has beautiful bouncy curls, I’m a hair guy, and the part at 1.18 where she bites her lower lip might be the sexiest second on the internet or in video recorded history.  Failing Grade I just like this song, no specific reason but it has a nice sound. I guess I kinda also like that it’s like “fuck you man, I made this mess even though I could blame you but I’m going to pull my self out and I don’t need your help”.  They have a few other singles and plenty of great music videos but I’m already going over my 1000 word (self) limit.Please let me know in the comments what you think, if you have bands you would like to recommend and maybe covered here or even if you’re in a band send me some tracks and I’ll give it a listen.  No promises but I’m also pretty open minded.



  1. Sometimes I feel bad that I spend so much time piping so much information into my brain, seldom a quiet moment, something I didn’t think about much until I watched an interview with David Foster Wallace on his masterwork Infinite Jest, saying something like “It’s strange the phenomenon we have in society where people can’t seem to enjoy a quite moment alone reading a book.  Everywhere we go there’s music or tv or some sort of entertainment in a way to fend off loneliness with ambient sounds” (HEAVILY paraphrased, the interview can be found here somewhere towards the 50min marker) where there is some deep truth to that, silence can be very lonely even if shared with a good book or a piece of art.  Though sometimes I feel, for me, it’s less about loneliness and more about a guilt for not being as intellectually efficient as I can manage, with so much good and interesting media out there and different stimilus tickles different places in the brain, maybe, fending off degenerative diseases (which is something I’m dearly afraid of).
  2. 3 posts a week is really pushing it already for me with going to uni full time and trying to get a “real job” (I really hate this phrase, but something has to pay my bills)
  3. Mostly lots of big angry men in a small hot kitchen with sharp knives.
  4. Literally he had all but face tattoos and supposedly, and I just took his word for it, his member.  Those who haven’t worked in kitchens might be thinking “yea it might be weird if you had seen his dick” and that would be a sign you’ve never worked in a kitchen.  I’ve seen way too much of way too many men whom I was not intimate with because of the time I did in the food industry.
  5. It’s because of drumlines like this that I get that there are somethings in music that are beyond (comprehensible) words.

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