Dear readers, I need your help.

Happy Sunday.


I’ve managed to round up, based on the numbers, a reasonable sized regular audience and now that I have some of your ears, I’m interested in hearing from you on something I’ve been thinking of tinkering with.

Being an English major at University, I read a lot (like two novels a week plus text book reading for my non-English Lit classes) and some of it, frankly, is just stuff I have a hard time getting through but I have to read it because it’s the right thing to do.  One thing that helps me with both getting through readings I don’t want to do and writing in general is listening to music.  I’ve, finally, made a couple of friends who like my music taste and have even bigger libraries of music than me prompting me to listen to more widely and deeply.

I plan to start a new posting on Wednesdays covering bands and CDs and general funky lists of songs I’ve found fun to listen to while reading/writing.  This is where you guys come in.

I’m just interested as to what sort of music do you listen to, if you do, to help you read or write or generally for concentration? I will consider suggestions left in the comments and when I find some funky stuff to share, I’ll post about it on Wednesdays.

Please leave music suggestions in the comments below. Otherwise, you will be subjected to all my strange music tastes (well you will be anyway but with suggestions, you can have a hand in the process).




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