MC Chris in Manchester and announcements 

Happy Monday!

I want to start by apologising for not posting last week.  I’m approaching the end of my first trimester and I had a several week personal crisis peak last week and it was not good.  I will likely talk more about it in a later post but right now isn’t the time yet.

Second I went to Manchester with my mate to see MC Chris and O.M.F.G. no joke best show I’ve ever been to.  Again I will elaborate in a later post but now is not the time yet HOWEVER I did get to meet MC and I  got him to agree to an exclusive interview for ObOP (Offbeat On Point) and holy cow am I excited!!

Third I want to say that I am not entirely sure when I will be able to resume web comics proper (if it gets too long, I’ll go back to hand drawing and taking a picture) but my laptop is officially dead with no chance of being brought back.  I am looking to pick up a seasonal job over break and might be able to swing it then but until then I don’t feel comfortable making several hundred quid plus purchases right now.

Fourth, I will be taking a break from the regular MWF schedule for the next two weeks so I can stick the landing on this term.  It’s important to get good grades so when I apply to Lancaster to be a degree student rarher than an exchange student, I look pretty solid.  Sorry folks but this is really important to me but I will post small things whenever.

Fifth (because you know I can’t end on “four”) Winter holiday is coming up in two weeks and unless I find a job or something I will have an open schedule for almost a month and everyone I talk to and everyone I live with is going home for the holidays while I will be here at Lancaster.  Frankly this scares me. A lot.  So to help combat that fear of lonieness and isolation, I will be posting a little bit extra (I’ve read a few really great books I want to share) and I will be open for ideas.  Things to do here in England, new band recommendations, maybe take some suggestions for an interface face-lift etc.

Please feel free to Like my facebook page “Offbeat On Point” where I do share some other random stuff (mostly web comics) that doesn’t make it here and to help keep you informed on when I post everytime.
Thanks and see you soon!


Sorry no comic this week folks 

Happy Friday!
As I mentioned earlier this week. I am having technical difficulties and the short story is my laptop is dead and it’s not coming back. 😦 I will be purchasing a new one hopefully soon.  Until then hang in with me on Mondays and Wednesdays because that will be business as usual.
Thank you.

I’m going to see MC Chris in Manchester 27/11/2016

I convinced one of my wonderful wonderful friends from school here to come with me to Manchester UK to see MC! I just bought my tickets and I’m so excited!

Vitamin String Quartet (band)

Happy Wednesday!

This week’s chosen band is a reader recommendation, Vitamin String Quartet. They’re a string quartet, ergo the name, out of Los Angeles, California.  Most of the music they do are string tributes to genres and bands from the moderately popular (Tiger Army and Thirty Seconds to Mars) to classic rock (Rush and Iron Maiden) to top 40 music (Daft Punk and Skrillex).  They also have a few original songs off their album Per_Versions.

What I mostly like about their music is it works as an EXCELLENT ear worm cure particularly for songs that are on the radio all the time even if you like them they still get stuck in your head.  Sometimes I have trouble with ear worms because when  I try to listen to the song it self to “reset the track”, I end up getting it even more stuck in my head because now I remember the entire song.  Where as with string versions of these songs, I get the melody but because it’s missing the lyrics it gets unstuck.

And additional bonus to listening to this band publicly, as in out loud, is to the casual observer you sound like you have really classy music tastes before they recognize the tune.

This is a band that I’ve found it’s best to listen to mixes of rather than specific albums and that way it kind of becomes a guessing game as to whether you know the song before tabbing back over to see what it is.

Here’s a list of mixes I really enjoyed:

Rock classics

The Study Mix

VSQ Remember’s the 80’s
If you have a band you’d like mentioned on here, leave a suggestion in the comments. I love getting new music recommendations.

MC Chris is coming to the UK

As I’ve mentioned in the pasr , I really like MC and I’ve missed seeing him in my home town of St Louis at least twice now, most recently in October just after I left to come here.  However I’m getting a second chance.  He’s touring around several cities close to me (Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow).  Let’s show our support, UK fans and show MC a good time.

Tour dates and tickets can be found here:

Stream of Consciousness Thearte presents: Cold

Happy Monday.

It’s gotten cold here in England.  Which is an interesting thing this time around because normally I don’t like the cold and the rain and have spent a lot of time avoiding it while I lived in St Louis particularly when it was doing both at the same time. However here I don’t seem to get as cold easily nor the rain bother me.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s just because it gets so much colder in St Louis or if it is a shift in my personal body chemistry however one thing that has changed is my level of social interactions which has grown much warmer since leaving.

When I was in the lou, I was left isolated socially, mostly my fault the longer I look at whether due to poor life choices or poor decisions in friends.  Social isolation is something that leaves my heart cold, less caring.  However here being in a communal living situation I’ve been introduced to the fact of living with lots of people over night.  I’ve been living away from my parents for over 10 years and have grown accustom to a wide variety of social living conditions from living in a one bedroom house alone, to living with 5 other guys in a massive house and lots of things in between but none of it was as communal as this is.  Everyday I see the same people, 7 of us inc me, share 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms, and everyday we share the same struggles of acceptance, school work, cultural adjustment, money, and seeking out our place.  Living in this close proximity to strangers is both a wonderful and challenging experience that has left me feeling exhilarated and exhausted, loved and hated, apart of a bigger community and isolated depending on the day.  Communal living has been a wild ride so far but it’s left me anything but feeling cold.

I have been listening to this album on repeat the last few weeks, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough by Emancipator.  I don’t remember how I found it, somewhere through the youtubes. It’s a strange and funny and a little bit sad music experience.  I will write about it more in depth at a later point on a Wednesday but it has left me feeling the want for real snow.  It’s only rained here.  Maybe it’ll snow over winter holiday.

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technical difficulties

Happy Sunday!
I’m writing to say that I have had some issues with my computer and I hope to have it resolved soon, sometime this week, but I am not sure the extent of my issues.  I will resume regular posting as soon as I can.


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The Creepshow (band)

Ugggh…I’m sorry my friend but today is not a happy day, after last night’s elections I’m not particularly happy however I’m not surprised.  However this is not a political commentary blog (yet? no…I’m not ready to start loosing friends and alienating people) so

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! <–I’m trying guys

Possibly my all time favourite album cover art.

Welcome to my first music related post.  Well, technically it’s my second my first being MC Chris is Legit which I mostly did because MC was on tour and I really like that guy and it totally wasn’t a shameless trending-social-media-style cry for attention.  However this is my first post in a new series I’m posting on Wednesdays about bands I like listening to mostly when reading/writing, but not exclusively those bands.  Depending on reactions, I might include pod-cast reviews(1) or consider doing a separate series for that, someday maybe(2).

This being my first post, I wanted to showcase one of my favourite bands to not only give you a taste of what the things put in my ears but also I didn’t have time to investigate the Vitamin String Quartet, sorry Hannah, the wonderful writer at 2b or not 2b writing tips, but this will be next week’s feature. I promise.

The band in question is a Canadian band called The Creepshow. Since forming in 2005 this psychobilly has put out 4 albums, a Halloween single, all under 3 different lead singers.
I was first introduced to this band by one of my chefs, when I used to work in a culinary kitchen which is exactly as scary as it sounds and not at all as exciting as people generally tend to think (3), a monster of a man at 6’5″ (195.6cm) and covered head to toe(4) in tattoos and a very large number of piercings.  Strangely enough, his self description of looking like a “Tatted up George Clooney” was surprisingly accurate and somehow coming from him it wasn’t overly arrogant.  A very interesting man to say the least.  I think he went on to pursue a band full time, but I’ve lost touch with him.  I hope I can convince him to let me do a profile of his band for the blog.  Regardless one late night, he was playing his ipod on shuffle and this song, Sleep Tight, which was a love ballad style song with a dark twist.  What most attracted me was Sarah Blackwood’s voice.  Women singer voices tend to fit better in my ear than mens’, though that is not to say I don’t like men singers it’s just my preference.  I could go on and on about how they’ve evolved as a band and how each of the 3 lead singers have left their stylistic mark on the band’s music but I’ll let that be up to you to discover and discuss in the comments.  The following is a list of their albums and my favourite songs from each album.  Continue reading