*SHORT STORY REVIEW SPECIAL* Young Zaphod Plays it Safe (a prequel story to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Happy Monday!

Hey you know what the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy” in four books, with one meh one and 3 very solid books and a great ending I might add, reeeally needs? A ZAPHOD Prequel!


Let’s get started!

Three Sentence Summary:

  1. Zaphod is driving another funny shaped space ship, this time a filling cabinet, on a ocean/tropical area of a planet for The Beeblebrox Salvage and Really Wild Stuff Corp and  he’s following a lead that takes him deep under the water to a ship with “questionable content.”
  2. Zaphod talks about lobster.
  3. Big reveal? Were hinted that the “questionable content” were designer personalities (among other things) which are highly dangerous blah blah exposition and one of them escapes to where Earth is located and happens to be Ronald Reagan.

Really not much to say about this story.  I didn’t like Zaphod’s character, I felt like his personality was pretty much the same pre and post brain op.  The story was too short to develop any good jokes and with an already weak character it was a complete flop for me. This is the one piece in the series I almost don’t recommend reading but it’s only nine pages (however I’ve read those stupid nine pages 4 times now, once today for this and I’m not re reading this if/when I revisit).

Sorry folks. I promise, my taste in books doesn’t get this low often but I felt obligated to cover it for completion satisfaction.  Tune in next week though, Trillian has a kid!


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