Happy Monday,

As I’ve mentioned many times over the span of my time blogging here, I’m an American student trying to study abroad in England and it’s been about a year since I began moving the pieces in order to make this happen and along the way there has been so many ups and downs, mostly ups since I’ve gotten acceptance/approval at every step of the way the downs were mostly the anxiety building up to said acceptances/approvals, and generally it’s been an emotional roller-coaster and applying for my student visa has been one of the most nerve wrecking parts of the process.

From the confusingly bureaucratic wording of simple questions, to the gravity of miss-answering (rejection at best, banned from entry to the UK entirely for life at worst), to the somewhat invasive process of sending details about your legal history and finances over the last few months, down to the timing of the whole thing (I almost lost my housing offer because the visa application was taking so long, I had to request an extension for the offer), it’s easily been the most scary part of the entire journey.

If it was rejected, I’m sure I could have reapplied, but I can’t afford that (it cost nearly 500$ just to place an application) and I didn’t have time to re apply, I would have to make a lot of things happen in a very short period of time (late register for classes, hope I can get enough classes for full time, find a new housing arrangement, maybe find a new job; all that in the space of a week or two) and that’s not to mention the social embarrassment of having to explain to everyone why I’m here and not there.

However here we are: I just got my visa application back today and it’s good news.  I’ve been granted passage to study and live in England.




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