Kids Practice Reading to Shy Shelter Dogs at Missouri Humane Society – ABC News

It’s stories like this that make me get onion-eyed before noon.  This is such a beautiful idea too though. Not just for the dogs who get some love but also for the kids too. I remember when I was a kid I had such bad anxiety about reading aloud or even talking about what I just read, mostly because I had a very minour lisp, that I was placed into a remedial reading class (the social segregation and intellectual humiliation was impressive, I was competently reading Hawthorne in elementary school but I was still labeled as “reading disabled”) which really didn’t so much for me. Like at all.  As a kid, if you asked me to read something, anything, to a dog, I would have been all over it.  The dog wouldn’t make fun of me like the other kids, wouldn’t constantly correct me before I had a chance to catch myself like the adults, and I could have practiced more with my impressions.

Anyway I remember a similar, if not the same program, doing this same thing but to help build kids confidence in reading aloud and public speaking (something that has taken me over 10 years of building  rage and cultivating a healthy punk-rock “f*ck you” attitude to get over and I STILL struggle with it) which ends up being positive reinforcement for both the dogs.  This is the kind of stuff that will get kids to stop bitting people and dogs to stop doing drugs.

Anyway go be friends with a dog.  Dogs are pretty good people.

Here’s a literary related dog joke.

What kind of dog does Dracula have? (Don’t judge, monsters need friends too).  If you haven’t googled it by Friday, I’ll post the answer.

And here’s an original one, answer will also cone Friday: What’d the dog say to the novel?

One last one, this one takes a little set up:

Feel free to guess at theIn a parallel universe somewhere dogs became the dominant species and discovered quantum mechanics.  The dog equivalent of Schroeder wrote a paradox about the quantum uncertainty principle.  What’d he call it?

Feel free to leave answers in the comments.  Even if you get it, there’s still likely to be a funny in it (as long as I can figure out how to draw dogs in inkscape..).


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